2023 Search Engine Marketing strategies

2023 Search Engine Marketing strategies.

Search Engine Marketing, commonly referred to as SEM, is an inorganic or paid form of advertisement strategy that places your business at the top positions of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). More and more companies and advertisers have realized its importance and hence don’t shy away when investing heavy budgetary resources in running such advertising campaigns.

After all, it is one of those Digital Marketing domains that can assure them ten times Return on Investment(ROI) at the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC) for their ads

Here are some of the unique Search Engine Marketing tactics that can boost your online presence across Google and other Social Media Network:


  • Automation

Google is the smartest search engine in the market currently, and it realizes the importance of its AdWords platforms to publicize big brands, products, services, etc. It never fails to guide marketers through its automated tools and functioning to optimize their marketing campaign best. Although a significant portion of SEM relies on the business objectives and vision, still the automation process will never fall out of fashion and serve as marketers’ best friend enabling them through the daunting process of running efficient, cost-effective campaigns

  •  Searching to Shop- 

Given the clear intent of the website visitors, Search Engines understand their mindset and hence offer the marketers a platform to cater to the requirements of such website visitors. The best one’s gaining from these platforms are the big e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, etc. The intent to purchase is very high on these platforms that create the opportunity to maximize conversions and revenue

  • Voice and Visual Searches- 

It is no surprise that search queries have now gone beyond just simple search queries on Google Search Bar. The January 2018 data indicated a massive population of one billion people using voice inputs, and such figures have been on a continuous spike since then. The predictions are that by 2021, nearly 50% of searches would be through voice modes only. Similarly, Visual Searches, too, has taken off a long way ever since the launch of Google Lens and 360 Virtual Tours. It aids to the User Experience (UX) and holds a much visual appeal to them

  •  Artificial Intelligence (AI)-

 Search Engines are supremely intelligent programs that play a pivotal role in matching people’s search queries with their built in database and   thus providing them the exact information they are seeking. Their strong built-in algorithms enable them to have an acute clarity of the user’s search intent. AI understands the pattern of tastes, behavior, and interest of its audiences and offers them relevant content they are looking for

  •  Mobile Marketing-

 Needless to say, the popularity of mobile phones and tablets is on a continuous rise and is experiencing a tremendous explosion. In fact, the volume of searches on mobile devices are comparatively a lot higher than desktop or other large devices. It is the prime reason why it has become for all the websites and applications to be mobile friendly to enrich User Experience across all devices and easy to access platforms. Inorganic ad-word practices for the mobile network are something that no marketer would risk in today’s time.

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