How To Use Top Hashtags To Find Paid Social Media Keywords

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How To Use Top Hashtags To Find Paid Social Media Keywords


In digital marketing, we all know the importance of content and keywords, right? But there’s something that can get left out of the conversation.

Any ideas? Okay, I’ll tell you.

I’m talking about using the top hashtags to find paid social media keywords.

Keywords unlock connections to your target market—people looking for what you’re trying to sell.

When setting up paid social media campaigns, keywords can help you make those critical connections and ensure your campaign’s success.

Knowing which keywords to use throughout your campaign copy can be tricky. You might miss the mark and your audience if you’re unsure which ones are right.

The top hashtags can be the source of inspiration that gets your paid social media campaigns off the ground.

Want to learn more? Then let’s discuss how to find the top and best hashtags for social media.

The Importance of Hashtags in Paid Social Media Strategy

Why are the top hashtags important for inspiration and keyword ideas? Because they can provide a lot of information if you know how to find it.

Here are the questions you should ask when looking for the top hashtags:

  • What are people talking about?
  • What’s the demand for a particular product or service?
  • Is there a rise in interest? Or is the trend on the decline?
  • Who is using those hashtags?
  • What’s the context of those conversations?
  • When you find the top hashtags, they provide relevant insights into the conversations happening around a topic. Their power is in the data you can mine from real-life, real-time sources.

    Finding common hashtags can also lead to related hashtags and keywords; as you dig deeper, you may see patterns you can include in your campaigns.

    Specifically, look out for:

    • New or up-and-coming hashtags
    • Hashtags used by other relevant target markets
    • Questions or concerns people are expressing
    • Phrases in the associated content that come up often

    You can also use paid hashtags for your paid social media strategy. I’ll move on to that next.

    How to Use Trending Hashtags for Your Paid Social Media Campaigns

    First, you must find the top hashtags. Begin with what’s trending in your industry and go from there. There are also several hashtag checker tools you can use. I’ll round up a few later.

    As you dive in, explore the content surrounding the hashtags.

    How do you use the information you found? For inspiration. The hashtags, phrases, and keywords you find can inform your paid social media campaigns in the following ways:

    • For text: What you’ve learned can be a launching point for your ad’s language. Look at the posts’ content in addition to the hashtags, and incorporate the language your target market uses. Knowing how people talk about things can teach you how to best speak to the pain points they face and the solutions they love.
    • For images: What kinds of images are those top hashtags often associated with? Whether you plan to use a stock image in your ad or create your own, let what you find attached to hashtags help determine the images you use. You may even find a meme to use, making your social media ad more engaging.
    • For target audiences: Use the hashtag research to inform the parameters of your social ad reach. Who is using these hashtags? Where do they live? How old are they? What else are they interested in? These stats can help you narrow the ad reach to your target audience.
    • For sponsored post research: In addition to increasing the relevance of your paid social strategy, hashtags may also help pinpoint a recent post to put cash behind. Experiment with different top hashtags in your posts on each social platform. Those hashtags may help your posts perform well organically, and then you can use them as part of your paid social media strategy.

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